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Tensiometers for measuring soil water status
Water samplers, lysimeters, porous ceramic cups
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Soil Monitoring Engineering -

Tensiometers and Water Samplers

Church End House,
Milton Keynes.
MK17 9DU.
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(Est. 1989)

Tensiometers and water samplers supplied by Soil Monitoring Engineeering

Soil Monitoring Engineering has been manufacturing and supplying robust and accurate instrumentation for monitoring soil moisture status, including tensiometers and water samplers, since 1989.

The ability to monitor soil water status in terms of the availability of water to plants, and the nutrient content of the water, is fundamental to the efficient management of irrigation systems.

Soil Monitoring Engineering, based in Bedfordshire, England, is a major supplier of soil monitoring equipment to Universities, research organisations, the agricultural industry and sports turf managers.  Worldwide delivery can be arranged for our instruments.


We specialise in the manufacture of two key types of instrument:

1. Tensiometers

2. Soil Water Samplers

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